Stop throwing away wornout pens, recycle them into art

One of the largest quantity of items we have in excess and throw away are ink pens. Most of the pens in your house and office right now probably do not work. You probably waste time testing out a bunch of pens to find one that actually works!

We hold onto these useless pens forever, hoping they’ll magically work someday. Other times, we don’t want to throw them away, so we hold onto them, not sure what to do with them.

Now there is an answer. “The Pen Guy” (aka Costas Schuler) will allow you to send him your unusable pens, and he will incorporate them into artwork. Every year millions of used pens end up in  landfills, so he is on a quest to collect a million pens. The only thing you need to pay for is shipping charges.

recycle ink pens

Simply visit his website at and get the address. Then collect up all the pens that no longer work (ask your friends and family as well), then mail the pens to the Pen Guy.

That simple! You no longer need useless pens adding to your clutter, or need to feel guilty about throwing them away.

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